aftercare instructions

  • The henna paste will take 15-30 minutes to dry depending on the thickness of the henna design & humidity.
  • Heat & humidity will help the end result of the stain while the paste is on.
  • Keep the design away from direct contact with water while the paste is on .
  • Leaving the henna paste on for 8 hours or over night will give you the darkest longest lasting stain. (1-2 hour will only give a light stain) Keep the paste on for at least 4 hours.
  • You may now remove the henna paste by scraping or picking the paste off. Do not wash the paste off. There is still staining stuff on the skin.
  • Now and before coming in contact with water apply a vegetable based oil/shea butter/bee's wax/body butter to the design to help protect the henna stain .
  • Now that the paste of off of the skin the stain left behind will be a bright or light orange color. Over the next 48 hours the stain will darken to a reddish brown henna color too shades of dark burgundy. The thicker the skin the darker and longer lasting the henna stain will be (hands, feet especially fingers, toes, palms & toes) Every ones body chemistry is different so results will vary.
  • Tanning may leave the henna design on the skin after the design has exfoliated off as the henna acts as a sun-block.
  • Chlorine can also weaken the strength of the design.
  • Enjoy the ancient art of henna!

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